a 22-year-old lady from Oxfordshire/Islington, United Kingdom

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"What is done out of love always takes place beyond good and evil." (Friedrich Nietzsche) "There is no word that cannot be defined using other words." (Peter Vardy)

Taurus, INFJ, empath, metaphorical, curly, mystery, guitarist, drummer, soprano, cat, student,Catholic convert, polymath, after-dinner speaker...

Sharp pencils inspire me. I love the words for more than simply their sound or their linguistic meaning. I love the way words curl on the page and I love their syntactical dance.
I love the Philosophical way they can be crafted, used and altered. Lewis Carroll is such an inspiration. Oxford academic, poet and writer, artiste, his words will fill my head with dreams. Always.
My own vocabulary is sometimes brilliant, sometimes quaintly ordinary. My prose is often overly florid and traditional, but I have a deep love of those styles myself.

I enjoy Philosophy, Psychology, and the combination of the two. You can tell? Oh good.
I'm a nerd at times. I used to remember the square root of Pi to twenty digits - nowadays, I get lost after ten. I have no skill in its purist theoretical, but Physics fascinates me, that physics of living and existing through all the fields of our world. I think that the idea behind X-men is a potent, secure one. One day, a fan-fiction might fall into my hands, but I do not cross that line very often.

I do occasionally write in Latin (‘Vox Angeli’- the Voice of an Angel). Call it a flaw, if you must. 


Every day I discover something new about writing, putting my old stuff to shame. I like having readers, as long as they don't mind having me as their writer.

Complete, full stories (not including complete poetry, short stories, works or drabble):

1. If you want YA school-yard detective cosy.

1b. If you want the YA sequel of the above.

2. If you want NA fantasy romance.

3. If you want YA historical-flapper detective fiction.

4. Contemporary romance (not mature, though a little sexy ;) )

Please comment - please critique.
I love feedback, bad or good or neutral. I love to find new readers and have a genre for most people.

Factual guide to my fictional world: The Continental Almanac


Favourite collaboratives:

A technological-advanced world faces a maggot rebellion: Metropoliton Magic

Elves and more: The Sistren of Randomness

Role-play: The Protagonize Bus Continuation

Add-venture: Dream Land

"Lux aeternam luceat eis, domine." 

Vale, amici.

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