from Palo Alto, CA, United States

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I am an intensive care pediatrician in California with extensive overseas experience. I have published a number of scientific articles, but only recently have i tried my hand at fiction. I have had a short story accepted for publication in the Fall 2010 issue of The Los Angeles Review.

I have completed a novel, Push Me Pull You, an allegory on climate change, a total of 75,000 words. Here is the setting: Unexpected athletic feats in Greenland lead to the discovery that gravity is on the decline at the top of the globe. Meanwhile in Tierra del Fuego an excess of gravity leaves people immobile. The real culprit here is electromagnetism, gravity's big brother. The vast overpopulated midsection of the planet is gobbling up resources and spilling electrons that accumulate in the atmosphere, yet life goes on there without any gravitational issues at all. So the Greenlanders get imaginative: how can we make our problem their problem?

The novel is complete, but of course there are may aspects that can be improved. I want to open the text for comments, in hopes of obtaining advice that may improve the manuscript. In fact I will revise actively based on the advice you might send me. I imagine posting a chapter a week at . This will certainly be helpful to me, and hopefully of interest to you.

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