a 24-year-old dudette from Glasgow, Scotland, U-Fucking-K, United Kingdom

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"..I've been told I "smell like a %@^*% in heat"..."

Heya (:
I'm Gemma.
I'm 16 and from Scotland, U.K :P
I love music, photography, movies, books, singing, dancing ..errm .. loads more :L
I find myself writing stories in my spare time, but I've only ever finished one story completely :L
I love going out with my friends and making movies :P We usually do comedy ><
I'm always listening to music. I like any music, tbh. But atm, I'm in love with Regina Spektor. :D

I'm working on a book right now. But it won't be finished for ages.

My favourite author is Kelly Armstrong and her series: The Otherworld.
I can't wait for Frostbitten to come out :P

So, feel free to read around my page :P Don't be scared to comment. :)


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