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"In order to achieve and obtain true equality, we must first establish and accept that there is no such thing"

Hi there!


My name is Gavaudin Wolf-Kidd (okay- that's my pseudonym, but please don't ask for my real name, because I hate it with a vengeance!) I come from the South East of London, UK.

I am currently studying the IB Diploma at college. My subjects are; English HL, Biology HL, History HL, Italian SL, Psychology SL and Mathematical Studies SL, along with Theory of Knowledge and General RE (RE is not for the course, but because my college is Catholic and it's their policy)

I love to read, and I love to write. I'll read anything as long as it has vampires, werewolves, demons, daemons... generally anything gruesome. Wait, let me make a change- I cannot stand Twilight. There I said it- plan to kill me if you want, because I really don't care- I don't like Twilight, and that's MY judgement. Anyway, I don't really like romance that much, unless it's homosexual romance, then I love it. I also love science fiction- Doctor Who was my favourite, but the 11th Doctor seems a little... Well, Doctor-ish, but he just doesn't strike me as being totally perfect for the role.

I am very outspoken, I love arguing- although I hardly win since the people I argue with are the same people (Christians) over and over again, and they know how to strike my raw nerves so they always end up winning.

People call me racist, feminist, just about every 'ist' under the sun! You know why? Because those who call me these things are CLOSE-MINDED. Where person A sees only black and person B sees only white, I do my best to see grey. I do this so often that it has become a mental reflex, and I take everything into an account within a matter of seconds, so when I come out with my final judgement (i.e. Religion is a waste of time- God exists, yeah, but just watches, and doesn't intervene) both of them see it as going against what they've said, and then they go off ranting and raving to their friends about how I'm anti-whatever.

So... yeah. That's me in a few paragraphs.

I hope you enjoy my stories!

G, xxx

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