a gentleman from a dark room, United Kingdom

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"I would die before helping you with such an evil scheme!" "Oh, come now, don't be boring! Everyone who says that dies!"

I'm a loner with phantasmagorical delusions and an apathetic streak. My imagination is overactive and I often believe someone has whispered something to me or that I've seen something which nobody else can. I spend a lot of time in the beautiful darkness, for I find the mysterious hues of blue and silver are serene and calming. I especially love winter nights, bathed in the light of the full moon, shimmering through the soft flakes of falling snow and the cool, soothing wind running through my hair. My friends are special to me, like fragments of my soul. Sometimes I may lose one, and the result is the feeling that a part of me is missing, and I become more and more hollow. I cannot express how much I would do for them if they needed, how easily I would die for them. Even then, I do not always think I deserve them, for I can be distanced and reserved. My attention span and memory are terrible, and my capacity for learning foreign languages is pathetic. I also do stupid things like jumping madly all over the place to make me content. I find reality boring, so I envelope myself in dreams and fantasy during the day.  I believe that everybody's world is changed by their perception of the real one. I will not bother to try and change peoples opinions unless I feel quite strongly about something, as our perceptions make us individual. I like romance and magic, tainted with dark colours and valiant quests. My favorite book series at the moment is "The vampire chronicles" And I'm Looking for the second in the series. Red wine is the only alcohol I like, and I despise tea and coffee, preffering hot chocolate indeffinately.  I hate rather a lot of things, mostly anything which could threaten me or the people I care about, even if indirectly. I'm a brown belt, (nearly black) in Zen Judo "The Gentle way" and I play both story based and tactical fantasy games. I also swim, ride (horses and bikes) Ski, love rollercoasters and basicly anything which makes me go faster. I'm unable to sit still for too long without a laptop in front of me. All this is just a tiny insight into my life. Remember that this is only my perception of myself, so judge me not only by what I say but the way in which this is written and the character and language behind the words.

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