a 34-year-old chap from Colorado, United States

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"The first draft of anything is &*#%. ~Hemingway"

Hello Protagonizer! My name is Mark, and I write things. I have a new son, two rabbits, love fountain pens and writing with them, and my favorite hat is a black Aussie style cowboy hat. I'm 28 29 30 31 32, been married for ten(!) years, and on the weekends I get together with friends to play tabletop roleplaying games.

I often struggle with writer's block, occasionally going months between writing anything new on a project. In light of this I've chosen an appropriate avatar: a slug.

The first book I've ever completed is here on Protagonize (in very early rough draft):

Clockwork and Old Gods

A more polished, finished version is available for sale on Amazon!

If you want to find more of me, here's a few places to look:

Twitter: AuthorSargent

Google Plus: Mark A. Sargent

Facebook: Author Mark A. Sargent

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