a girl from MERCERSBURG! (look it up), United States

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"Silence is a wondrous thing, both deadly and comforting at the same time, so tell me why is it a crime to seek solace in silence."

I am the kind of person who is involved in everything: I play 6 sports a year, have a full ipod, currently play 5 instruments, maintain great grades in school and I am addicted to all sorts of games!!

My Sports: The sports I pay year round include soccer, squash, volleyball, tennis, lacrosse, and I also fence.

My instruments: The instruments I play are piano (my mom forced that one), tener sax, drums, guitar, clarinet, and bass clarinet (like a huge version of the normal clarinet).

My Music: OMG where do I start? I listen to everything!! From rock to hip hop, everything!! There is not one song that I have not played at least 20 times on my ipod.

My Games: When i go home I am glued to the PS3, but when I'm at school I have to separate myself from it.

My School: I go to a boarding school now and I am a sophmore (in high school).

My Feelings: I feel love and pain like most people... but sometimes I get really depressed and I can't help it. I don't know, it just happens. So it you find a poem that is all about death, don't come crying to me.

My Writing: I write poems, sometimes short stories, but mostly poems. (lately i have really gotten into some slam poems and free verse) 

My Picture: ME, nuff said

I am teriibly sorry that i all of a sudden have jumped to this site once more, I have not activated it in 2 YEARS! Since then I have realized that I may have disgraphia, I have a theripist for depression, and I get stressed out in school a bit... but that's just me... My writing has also matured a bit and i find it funny comparing my old stuff to my newer stuff. Have fun, eff what they say, and enjoy!

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