a 48-year-old lady from the United States

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"Humanity i love you because you are perpetually putting the secret of life in your pants and forgetting it's there and sitting down on it - ee cummings"

I've had periodic pretentions about being a writer since I was 8, when I started writing my first novel. Over the years, I 've started many writing projects. I unfortunately have no discipline, and soon abandon each project in favor of the next shiny thing that presents itself to be written. I have a million page ones, a few page tens, and one short story I ever actually completed.

I'm a history buff and was a member of Ancient Sites, where I wrote collaborative historical fiction set in the ancient Greek deme of Marathon and centered around the Delian League. With the demise of Ancient Sites, I moved with the community of writers I worked with to PanHistoria. There we branched out into sci-fi and fantasy. Our association with PanHistoria ended some time later. We talked about starting our own site, but years later this is still a pipe dream.

I also stumbled on the old, original addventure site years ago, and added a few branches to Addventure 3 before it was closed down for good.

I've missed collaborative writing since. My favorite style is still the model we used on Ancient Sites and Pan Historia, where we wrote a shared story from the POV of different characters. But I have also enjoyed the addventure style of collaborative writing. This isn't surprising to me, since I was a huge fan of Choose your Own Adventure stories when I was a kid. So of course, I came straight here as soon as I heard about Protagonize. And I'm very happy that I did.

UPDATE 8/29/09: And a year and a week later, she's back! At least somewhat. The demands of being caregiver for one blind relative with congestive heart failure and one who had a stoke have lightened up, so I can pop in once in while. Not sure how often though, since I just got myself back into school after having dropped out for a year to act as caregiver. I have missed this place quite a lot while I've been gone, so I certainly plan to try to show up and do some participating!

UPDATE 11/30/10: Well, Real Life certainly has kept me too busy to participate for far too long. I've never forgotten about Protagonize, and I keep wanting to come back. Usually just before something else blows up and requires most of my time. Someday, Protagonize. Someday I will be back to actually do something.

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