a 23-year-old guy from the United States

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"You see things; and you say 'Why?' But I dream things; and I say 'Why not?'"


    I'm Gabe. I'm a writer, though I don't get paid for it. Some would call that a hobby, but to me it's a passion. I like to draw and play the piano. And I really like to enjoy life. (After all, it's pretty short anyway, so better to be happy than not.) Some of the things I really love about life are board games, camping, cheesecake, crossword puzzles, dictionaries, drawing, family, friends, free candy, God, the Harry Potter series, imagining, The Beatles' Let it Be, mangoes, Mexico, otters, piano, people (sometimes), Protagonize, the word 'quintessential,' Scrabble, semi-colons, and writing.

And that's a very thin slice about me. Happy writing!

Some of My Work:

The Real Story of Mr. Clark C. Schoenburg's Murder: A fun, add-venture whodunnit! Help us find the crime's solution(s) by adding a page yourself!

The Tree of Charity: A collaborative started with Jackerbie and wolf, it's the tale of a tree, a girl, a wizard, and some fantastic magic, told in a singsong, rhyming format.

Ink and Words: A collection of my poems. It's small right now, but steadily growing.

Snatcher: A story of a teenage girl who also happens to be a kleptomaniac. Come join us!

Two Collaborative Stories I Didn't Start But Still Write For and in My Opinion Are Pretty Awesome:

How the Best Was Won: It's a Western. And it's a really fun, swashbuckling gallop through train robberies and shootouts written by Eloosive, Bill_Hartzia, and yours truly.

Back to the Light: A science fiction story of a gladiator arena and a man who decides to attempt escape — and the trouble that brings. Co-written with the illustrious SpookOfNight.

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