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◖ Gabe Lowen ● Beauty and the Beast RP ● Multi-verse/ship ◗

Name: Gabriel “Gabe“ Lowen
Canon: Beauty and the Beast (CW)
Canon Points:

  • Canon verse - After Catherine slips the collar on him, he escapes.
  • Redeemed verse - After Catherine breaks up with him.

Height: 5’10
Weight: 160 lbs
Sexuality: Het
More Info: Wiki entry link will go here.

◖ - Verses - 

● ● ● Canon

Once the collar was slipped around his neck rendering him powerless, he turned to Catherine for explanation. Her words made it crystal clear - her hate for him burned with a fiery passion. Finally it had sunk in that he would not be winning her over and he could do nothing but run. The cockiness from before wouldn’t be worth anything if it wasn’t backed up with action, so of course Gabe had an escape plan and route worked out. Several secret passages, among other things, later, he found freedom.

Once the collar was removed, he roamed without purpose or direction for awhile, using the money he’d stashed for such an occasion. Although the evidence against him didn’t stand up in court, he couldn’t take any chances and remained far away from New York. There was nothing left there for him anyway. With backup plan in effect, he could travel wherever he wanted. And if money couldn’t buy something, he could easily take it.

● ● ● Redeemed

Catherine’s words stung worse than a pool cue through the heart as she broke up with him. Gabe still found himself pleading, trying to warn her about Vincent, but she wasn’t listening. She was a lost cause, so after she got out of his car, that was the last he’d seen of her. He was not going to hang around and watch her get hurt, so the next day he’d transferred. And although he could clear his desk easily, he couldn’t erase the memories so quickly. For months he attempted to forget Catherine. Finally, in a desperate attempt to assert some sort of control over himself, he injected himself with the beast serum. With that done, it eventually led Gabe to using his after hours working as a vigilante. The thrill succeeded in distracting him, and soon any memories of Catherine were deeply buried.

◖ - Personality - 

● ● ● Both verses

Extremely protective and intelligent would be the first two words that come to mind when describing Gabe Lowen. Once you’ve gained his trust, you’ll have his loyalty until you betray that trust. Obsessive is another word that comes to mind, but as long as things are going smoothly, that trait shouldn’t show up very much. After the events of his past, it may take time for him to fully trust again though. Once he allows someone into his heart, he’s sincere, sweet, and caring. Love can tame a beast, even cause him to purr.

● ● ● Canon

In addition to the above, Gabe is currently on the edge of losing his humanity and, without a second thought, will rip anyone to shreds that gets in his way. Even so, he’s not completely reckless, being able to easily cover up his crimes and always being one step ahead of the enemy. As long as everything is going his way, he keeps the beast locked away. If given reason, he will show possessiveness and jealousy. And he certainly isn’t afraid of anything or anybody, which brings out the cockiness when threatened.

● ● ● Redeemed

Although still a beast, he is nowhere near losing his humanity. Quite the opposite - he uses his beastly powers to help others. In his eyes, his vigilante way is the right way, since it’s the only way he can enforce the law now since his legal powers have been stripped from him. He has no trouble dealing out beastly justice. In fact, it’s the only thing that keeps him focused and possibly alive.

◖ - Abilities - 

Powers that deal with the mind such as telepathy, persuasion, and illusions will not work on him. He may be able to hear such things, but will not be forced to obey.

  • Immortal: Yes
  • Enhanced Strength: Yes
  • Enhanced Senses: Yes
  • Enhanced Speed: Yes
  • Enhanced Healing: Yes

◖ - History - 

● ● ● Early Life

Gabriel was experimented on as a child by Muirfield when he was approximately four or five years old, undergoing genetic mutations that caused him to become a “first generation” human/animal hybrid. The experiments left him with Cross-Species DNA, similar, though not identical, to that of Vincent Keller. With the help of medication, synthesized by his Muirfield doctor, Vanessa Chandler, Gabe was able to fight his transformations and remain in human form. Without the medication, he remains in beast form, unconscious of his actions and unable to control them. Gabe was smuggled out of Murfield by Vanessa after she injected him with a substance that slowed his heart rate, mimicking the appearance of death. He was then adopted, and went on to become well-educated and successful. 

● ● ● Season One

Gabriel’s success as an Assistant District Attorney leads him to the precinct of Catherine Chandler. He becomes involved in cases involving the vigilante, believing they are being mishandled, and presses the entire precinct for information, causing Catherine to become suspicious of his intentions. In Playing With Fire, Gabriel reveals his knowledge of Muirfield to Cat and his desire to destroy the organization, leading them to team up. Catherine discovers a secret Muirfield location known as the Orchard, the “brain” and main file storage location of Muirfield. In an effort to protect Vincent’s identity from Gabe, Catherine corrupts the files which Gabe asked her to send to him. Gabe begins to suspect that Catherine is hiding something. 

On the anniversary of Catherine’s mother’s death, Catherine learns of the special relationship Gabe had with Vanessa, and they bond over the shared relationship, causing Vincent to become jealous. Vincent suspects Gabe’s involvement in the shooting of the mayor when it is revealed he paid $25,000 to an unmarked account. However, this payment was to a private investigator to discover if Vanessa’s body had ever been moved, as the gravestone is damaged. Gabe and Catherine are lead to believe that Catherine’s mother may still be alive, and they go to the return address of the release forms which were used to move Vanessa’s body. At this abandoned house, the sniper who shot the mayor appears to kill Gabe, confirming that Gabe was the actual intended victim of the shooting. Vincent intervenes, and Gabe and Catherine escape with their lives. They discover Vanessa’s true grave, and realize she is dead.Gabriel examines the crime scene of the abandoned home, and realizes that only the “beast” he had been looking for could have caused such damage. Gabe’s eyes turn yellow, like Vincent’s, and it is revealed that he, too, has cross-species DNA. 

In Date Night, Gabe is placed in a hotel in order to keep him secure after the shooting. Gabe reveals himself as a beast to Catherine and informs her that he wants to give Vincent his medication in exchange for Vincent’s DNA. Vincent agrees and when Gabriel learns Vincent has to die in order to get enough blood, Gabriel agrees by saying “whatever it takes”. In Never Turn Back, Gabriel and Tyler make a plan to kill Vincent despite Gabe’s confliction about it. After J.T. discovers their plan, Gabe takes Catherine hostage to force Vincent to get him to supply his DNA. Vincent takes Tyler, trying to persuade Gabe to let Catherine go. Although he clearly cares about her, Gabe tells Vincent to go ahead and kill her. Gabe tells Catherine about his childhood and how he lost control of beast side and killed his mother, with his father dying not long after. Gabe begins to turn and locks Catherine in the room and gives her the key to protect her. He breaks down the door to find Catherine has escaped throught the window with Vincent. He goes after them and fights Vincent before a helicopter shows up and a sniper shoots Gabe. 

After Catherine restarts Gabe’s heart, they discover Gabe is no longer a beast. Feeling like he owes his life to Catherine, he decides to help her find Vincent in order to make amends. 

● ● ● Season Two

After Joe is fired, the DEA puts Gabe in charge. He works with Tess to try and find Vincent in order to help Catherine; despite the fact that they think he is dangerous. Gabe calls J.T. and asks for his help to locate Catherine and Gabe goes to get her from Vincent’s house boat. After Vincent hurts Catherine, she only tells Gabe what happened and asks for his help to find out who is controlling Vincent. He accompanies Tess and Catherine to an art show in order to find out what Vincent is up to and watches Catherine and Vincent dance. Tess catches him staring and later at the precinct, she accuses him of having a crush on Catherine. Gabe deflects the question and walks away smiling. 

Gabe goes to Vincent’s house to tell him about how he was able to become human again. Gabe wants to go after the serial arsonist in order to test the theory and after Vincent attempts to catch him, Gabe goes to the hospital to see him with Catherine.Tess brings up Gabe’s feelings for Catherine and he says they are irrelevant because he owes her. Gabe helps Catherine look for her birth father. He and Tess go to Catherine’s high school reunion in order to warn her about Zack. When Vincent goes to get Catherine out of there, Gabe offers to do the same and they momentarily fight over her. Gabe tells Vincent that he’ll keep an eye on Catherine and he goes to see her in the gym. She thanks him for everything he has done to help her and they look through high school photos of Catherine before finding one that hints at Reynolds being her father. 

Gabe suspects that Vincent’s last mission will end with Vincent dying, so he asks Tess to help find Vincent’s handler. Gabe suggests they try the defibrillator on Windsor, but the plan fails.

((The history section will be updated when the wiki is. No prior knowledge of the show is needed to interact with Gabe though.))

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