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"Babies smell like BACON!"

Hey! I'm Gabe! I'm an aspiring author looking for a community of other writers and....well, this what google spitted out! lol. Hope to get lots of feedback, read some great stories by some great writers and build my skills.

The leitmotif of my stories (so far) is homosexual relations (not to be confused with homosexual people, for instance, the story Bud Night is a challenge to the clear clean-cut orientation definitions)

I generally stayed in the camp of intrapersonal conflicts regarding sexuality with stories like Embrace Me and Envisioning You for awhile but with my last post Bud Night I see myself transitioning a little. Now with my current work Even in Death, I'm moving away from the sexuality camp altogether.

I'm gay, and don't nearly find enough good gay literature from the web to quench my thirst. Hopefully, this site will remedy the situation.

I don't write erotica. Sahrry. :-) But I do push the limit a tad without ever crossing it. Hehe.

As of July 3rd, 2011, I have finished my latest piece, Even in Death. I'm VERY proud of it and believe it is a good representation of how my writing themes are evolving along with my individual writing style. Hope you guys enjoy it! I really enjoyed writing it!

As of July 26th I've begun blueprints of rough drafts of two stories that I have named Ritual Immorales (Im-more-al-iss), a series that deal with actions/sensations that we, as "civilized" humans suppress/stigmatize. It is influenced (not to be confused with inspired) by Dennis Cooper's Frisk and was conjured most likely to offset my grief over the recent death of my writing mentor, David Blair. My foresight tells me they will be very transgressive.

I appreciate ratings and comments, constructive or otherwise. If you just wanna write. "I really liked your story. It was very good." That's totally fine with me. Not everyone is a critic.

Hope you enjoy the stories! ^_^

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