a gentleman from Texas, United States

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"There is no right way of doing something wrong."

I have always written my thoughts and the events in my life.  I was told by friends I should try and publish what I have written but I think I have a long way to go before I can have a piece of work I can have published.  I stumbled on this site as I was looking to write and read other writers work.  I have been reading alot and not writing at all.  I hope to begin writing now.  I am trying to get use to the site and feel myself around here.  It is very interesting and I always enjoy meeting new people and I do find most people have a story to tell, that I find fasinating.  I have lived a good life and have enjoyed traveling all over the world.  I have seen births and have seen death.  I have seen the worst in humans and the best in the human race.  I hope to write about not only my journey but the journey we all have as we find our way thru this world and life.  Hope you enjoy my writings.

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