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"Even if you fail, fail in a way that makes it look awesome" - A friend

Hello,  I'm going to be trying to work on a variety stories I have Two ideas right now those are.

Story 1, Step One: A story about a detective trying to figure out the identity of a serial killer who the media has named Butterfly for how quickly he moves from victim to victim.  While investigating "Butterfly"  not only does "Butterfly" keep killing he also begins linking parts of the detectives childhood to the crime scenes.  Now not only does the detective want to catch him for the murders he also wants to keep him silent about his past and what he has done.

Story 2, The Devils Round table: What happens after you die?  Resurrection? Becoming another persons conscious? Heaven or Hell? Well let's hope you don't find out anytime soon but for Evan instead of finding it out for himself was given an option by a Devil.  Become his servant and work for him completing tasks that he wants (Includes killing, reaping soul, gaining power within the demon society.) Or not passing on to whatever is next and being tortured by said devil until he agrees then his torturing will be switched with someone he loves. Either way if he comes back to the real world no one will remember him.

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