a 17-year-old shorty from in the universe

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"I'm going to tell you the honest truth, not comfort you with a lie just because you may hate me."

  I am a shy 15 year old girl who has been writing since 2nd grade. I'm a freshman in high school, and so my life pretty much contains school, writing, and church. 
  I'm a Christian, I'm very strong in my faith with Jesus Christ. :-) I have been since I was young, but lately I have been getting closer to Him than ever before. 
  I have been writing since I was young as well, to help me get through hard time and I never really stopped. I have joined this site to get over my fear and getting criticism from other people. I have decided that if I want to become an author, and want to publish I need to actually finish a book and let people read it and review it to help me. :-) So I thank everybody in advance for the wonderful reviews, you have spent your time to read my book(s) as well as to review it to help me on my journey to become a serious writer. :-D
  I am very open to meeting new people, so if you'd like to get to know me better you're welcome to. Just warning you that I can be shy at first, so I may not talk much in the beginning. Also, I do not respond to anybody who is rude to me. ^.^ Thank you <3 Have a blessed day. 

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