a grrl from the United States

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wo of my favorite phrases are: "trail fingers" and "swallow kisses" * I'm an unscrupulous flirt * I love watching cartoons * I have a heroine complex * I look great in almost all hats * I use to be Nikki * Mischief, could very well be my middle name... * I Rock out to Bohemian Rhapsody * I spin in circles for fun * I eat spoonfuls of peanut butter as an afternoon snack * Once lost 35lbs. eating nothing but peanut butter sandwiches and ramen (not by choice) * My Dad and I once made a skateboard...I broke it in a week * I play chess * I love mixtapes * I actually love a good romantic comedy * 90% of the @%!$ I say only has faint highlights of the truth * I will never pretend to like you * I still buy comic books * The Star Wars Original Trilogy Rocks * When I'm Bored or Nervous I count things (slight sign of OCD) * I have acute stage fright * My Word is really my Bond * I'm a slight conspircay theorist * I love History * If You have an Old School Ninetendo, I will be your Friend * I own an old 70's Pentax Manual SLR Camera that is fully functional and takes great pictures * I'm afraid of robots * At 3mths. my oldest nephew gave me my first black eye in years * Napping with the sub-kids makes me feel all warm and fuzzy * Orchids are my favorite flowers * I wrestle small kids * No one does 'constructive rage' quite like me * Cuddling an Kissing might be more intimate than sex if done right * I've never watched and entire Oprah Show * I'm in awe of the Universe * I have a thong collection * Vampires and Werewolves are my favorite monsters * I bite and scratch * I think hickeys are fun and funny * I own a lightsaber * I prefer silver to gold * When Malachi ( my oldest nephew) and I play, he's Iceman and I'm the Hulk (his choices not mine) * I still know all the words to "Gangsta's Paradise" * I'm attracted to ink and holes * I take the stairs over the elevator * I love the ocean at night * I respect Truth * Strawberry Oatmeal can make my morning * Flakes are the Devil * I can't eat hot dogs due to past scarring events * I've seen pigeons Humping...it's so not kewl....

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