a 20-year-old femme from Ireland

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"But then again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty you need only look into a mirror."

So, hello everyone!

It's been quite a while since I've visited this page. Oops! You know how you get obsessive about one thing for like a month, then quickly lose interest, then re-discover it and fall in love with it all over again? That's how I feel right meow.

I feel like I need to re-introduce myself as a completely different person! So here it goes.

  • I'm an 18 year old lady from Ireland.
  • My name is Nadine, but I have the nickname Midge. I'm a real shortarse.
  • I'm an artist and a bassist.
  • I'm in a long-term relationship with my boyfriend Ryan, and we have been together since the 24th of March, 2014. He's my first boyfriend (yay!).
  • A lot has happened to not only the both of us, but me in 2014.
  • Due to these events, I am a changed person for the better I would like to think!
  • I now have four tattoos - my starsign Aries is tattooed on my inner left arm, I have Ryan's heartrate tattooed on my hip, some watercolour bubbles on my right forearm and my mom has got matching ones on her left wrist, and I have a piece of bread on my right ankle. Yes, bread. It's got peanut-butter on it, and my best friend has the same, only hers is Jelly.
  • I have a total of nine piercings! Most are on my ears, but I also have my nose and my labret pierced.

And then, of course, there are some small facts that haven't changed at all...

  • I'm still a huge Lord of the Rings nerd.
  • I *$*#ing love Metallica.
  • I got to see Monster Truck, Slash, King 810, KoRn and Slipknot live!
  • Metal is life for me.
  • I love to draw! My favourite materials to make art with are Ink (Indian Ink and even just your everyday Bic pen), Acrylic Paint, pencils, Watercolour pencils and charcoal.
  • I've gotten into gaming after purchasing a PS3 for Ryan, even though we still love our PS2. My favourite games to play are Devil May Cry, Bloodrayne (EPIC), Call of Duty: Black Ops, Dark Souls II, the entire Bioshock series, Bayonetta and Lego Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • I still love Anime. Always have, always will.
  • I love to read, and love to write even more.
  • To be honest, I don't really watch much TV, but if it's on Netflix, I'll watch it. My favourite TV shows include The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Orange is the New Black, House M.D, Hellsing and Hellsing: Ultimate, Black Cat and InuYasha.
  • And I think that's it... Yup!

If any of you are on Tumblr and like to see irrelevant @%@@, I'll leave my Tumblr link for you guys to indulge in. 

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