a lady from Sweet tea country, United States

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"Be yourself, after all everyone else is taken"

I am a very avid reader and writer.

I am usually inspired by music or dreams.

I usually write fiction supernatural, though occasionally I write some Chick lit and poetry.

I am currently working on a solo project titled Love Me, Bite Me. If you have any interest, read it. I am constantly updating it.

I'm starting a new solo project titled Rose Strewn Path. It's a work in progress and I'm just going with the flow on it right now.

Another solo project in the works called Rayne's Story. I think it will end up being a series.

A more serious project currently in the works called  Behind the Smile.'s very real life and is nothing like my other stories but I hope it is received with much enthusiasm.

Another solo project in the works, You Have No Ideya. It's more action than I usually do, but I think it's gonna work.

I have a love story I've been writing for a while. I hope you take the time to read it. It's called One Day.

If ever you are in the mood for a great read, I recomend anything by JoyceFreedom. She is an amazingly varied and talented author.

Much thanks,

Lady London

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