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"The Truth is the Truth whether anyone believes it or not. Though a million people may believe a lie, it is still a lie. You must have great courage to live according to the Truth."

// Writer’s note: This is an RP character that I have brought over to another platform. To begin with, these are my concepts of the character. Not all may line up with Egyptian myth. //

Name: Maat [also Ma'at, Mayet depending upon the preference and the tradition]

Alternate name: Daughter of Ra (though she rather hates this one)

Origin: Egyptian myth

Physical Description

Height: 5’6” (with shoes on) [closer to 5’4” without shoes]
Weight: 133 lbs
Build: small but well-toned, athletic
Hair color: brunette
Eye color: dark brown
Handedness: right
Distinguishing features: usually none visible due to her choice of clothing though she does have quite a few scars from her many years battling Chaos.

  • Maat is the both the concept and personification of Balance, Order, Justice, and Truth. She is the ideological opposite of her uncle, Apep (who’s domain is Chaos). 
  • The Feather of Maat is used to weigh the scale in Duat – the Egyptian “underworld” – while she is usually free to roam. She often spends her time wandering amongst mankind in mortal guise, overseeing balance.
  • As it is, she not only sees that souls are balanced (or lighter) than the Feather of Maat, but also at times – if something is severe enough – will reset balance. If something is severe enough to merit this, she becomes almost single-minded in her task to restore balance before her uncle seizes the opportunity to create total chaos. 
  • Maat has some small control over the stars and the seasons.  Mostly is it simply in regulating them. (As well as in regulating men and deities.)


  • APEP [APOPHIS, in Greek]

    Maat’s beloved uncle.

Though he was uncertain of her in the beginning––following a rather frightening incident while she was still no more than a baby––a connection was established between them.

As such, there was a time when she was closer to him than any of her other kin. He was a friend, a protector, a teacher, and was once more of a father to her than her own ever considered being. Opposites they were even then, but between them there was Balance, both perfectly content to allow their domains to co-exist with the domains of the other.

But after Apep was overthrown by the rest of her ‘family’ and imprisoned, everything changed.

Despite her best efforts, she was only a child at the time and she could not help him. She heard his cries of agony and felt the quake of the Duat, but she could do nothing.

By the time he finally escaped on his own, he had given in to the destructive aspect of his chaotic nature and was intent on making everyone pay for the torment he had endured. She tried, repeatedly, to reach out to him, but to no avail. He had decided his path.

For millennia, they have been enemies, constantly battling each other for their domains, a fact that pains her more than she would readily admit. Even still, she cares about him, and sometimes her inability to cut her ties to him is exactly what impairs her ability to establish Balance.

After all, she’d never cause him harm if she could prevent it.

  • DJEHUTY [THOTH, in Greek]

Maat’s trusted uncle. 

Before Apep began to care for the youngling, Djehuty did, seeing to it that she survived the negligent treatment of the original deities. During her first weeks, the two were inseparable. 

Once she and Apep’s connection was established, however, Djehuty had to redefine his role. He became a second mentor and teacher, but this too changed after Apep was overthrown and imprisoned.

Unfortunately, the relationship that they had was damaged by Djehuty’s knowledge of uprising against Apep. It remained frayed for some time until at last he broke down and told her of his guilt and explained that he knew, even had he warned Apep, nothing could have been done and it likely would have caused more damage. 

While this admission did repair their relationship to some extent, allowing him to become a support system as well as a mediator between her and the others.

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