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"You should have known, The price of evil, And it hurts to know that you belong here" <3 Avenged Sevenfold

We are the damned and forsaken,
The chosen that were forgotten,
And in the dark,
When night unfurls its wings,
We shall rise up,
And take our rightful place,
As kings and queens,
Of the empty nations.

* * * * * *

Here are some previews of my novels,

THE DEVIL'S CONCUBINE and here is a sneak preview....

Its 1899, a turn of the centuary for some and a left hand turn into hell for Annabelle. She's turning seventeen and for her seventeenth birthday instead of spending it with friend's she has to spend it with her six suitor's, and one of them will be granted her hand in marraige by the end of the night. If you haven't guessed yet Annabelle's a princess and soon enough she's going to be the Devil's concubine but will she fall for the man or the beast and will she succumb to his fiery needs.

Home Is Where The Heart Is (My Heart for short) and here is a sneak preview.

When Zoey was five, she experienced her first kiss from a guy she never liked before she had to leave the country the very next day. Twelve years later, she has returned home with her parents, to the same house and to the same Queensland. But now she has to go to highschool, rather than being home schooled, and guess who she literally runs into. While there still be a spark between them, or will they learn the hard way, that home is where the heart is.

Beauty and the Beast - Le Belle and here is a sneak peak.

 Many of you know the disney story of Beauty and the Beast, but have you ever wondered what the real story was behind the animation and songs. This Beast is haunted by voices of the statues of his servants, whom were not transformed into living inanimate objects but into statues who never forgave him for his harshness. Beauty's father stumbles upon the beast and his only choice of freedom is to surrender his youngest and unmarried daughter, Rose.

My Whole Life Changed: I'm a VAMPIRE now and here is a short preview

Charlotte wanted a lot of things for her sixteenth birthday but never in her life did she ask to become a vampire. Now she has to go to St. Dracu's Academy for vampires and learn how to become a vampire, you'd think that would be enough to change anyone's life but no not for Charlotte, she has to learn how to be a ROYAL vampire but can she do all that before christmas break?

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