a 28-year-old bird from the other side of a story, United States

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"There's no point in growing up if you can't be childish sometimes." Doctor Who, the 4th doctor.

Now is always a good time for a new beginning, for making up and moving on.

Bit about me: I've recently graduated from four years of undergrad college studying art. I'm a Christian, a dyslexic ENTP, and a writer/artist in training. I've traveled, and am a dual citizen of Canada and the US of A. I'd love to meet you, so don't be shy about saying 'hello' down there on my profile .

I tweet, write children's stories on storybird, and I've got an artist website. I'm working on (and off) the following stories:

  • I Fired Myself is probably my darkest work here, and is a collaboration between Atropos and myself.
  • The Story That Ends is a story that Jillian started and it is a hoot---if you need a good laugh, go have a read and/oe join in.
  • Aboard The Golden Thrush is a young adult fantasy that Aryst0crat and I are working on... I think this one is going to get really exciting really soon.
  • Em-Ee is my only real solo story on here and it is a ridiculous and humorous sci-fi which includes time travel and an evil android--prepare to be surprised by this one!

Note: I generally avoid mature content. Personal choice. Although, I did decide that "I Fired Myself" was too scary to not be mature. Dunno.

See ya round!

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