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"Call me what you wish, but I'm taking your cake" L

I'm BACK!!!! Yep, after her summer-long absence, Fluffy is back. I sure hope you haven't forgotten about me...

Hi, hello, 'sup (the sky), 'slife (i.e. How's life), bonjour, hola, konnichiwa, ni hao, and whatever other ways of saying "Hello" that one may think of.

One may refer to me as "Fluffycrow," "Fluffy," "Crow," "Anna," or any other name that strikes their fancy. Writing is basically the definition of fun to me, second only to enjoying something great that another person may have written. I also enjoy video games (Psychonauts is my all-time favorite), manga (Inu-Yasha and Detective Conan/Case Closed both hold very special places in my heart), obsessing (over anything, really, requiring only that it is good enough to be obsessable), watching TV (who doesn't?), rewatching movies I've memorized (The Ring, Meet Joe Black, Dedication, etc.), and wasting my time on the Internet (I'm naturally lazy).

My favorite genre of writing changes depending on my mood, but for the most part I'm game for anything humorous. That doesn't mean I don't love a little drama myself, but I think everything requires a little humor. Drama makes the humor all the more funny and humor makes the drama all the more heartbreaking--that's a fact, or at least I believe so.

My mind happens to contain a number of characters who tend to jump from story to story and who I love with a passion. The most prominent of these shares my name (I dunno. Nothing else fit.) and I guess serves as my alter ego despite the fact that any other person would say we act completely different. Over the years she's gotten herself a whole world to live in, as well as a few loyal minions, some acquaintances, and one enemy. Her story's existed since--I think--about the age of eight, and involves giant geckos, mysterious dreams, and a period of seven days before a dead person can officially become a ghost. (Curiously, this was before I'd even heard of The Ring. Creepy.) It's a crazy, insane, and to me, hugely entertaining tale, but to anyone else, I'm sure they'd just be left asking, "What?"Oh well--as the only old story of mine that I'm still expanding on, if only in my mind, I find it important. (It's also warranted a sequel taking place 26 years later and starring a scientifically-challenged witch.) Now, apparently, it has taken form in "The Land of Strange Pets," a new solo project of mine.

Since you're still reading, here's a few more random facts. Charmed was the first TV show I ever really fell in love with, and I never watched the eighth season out of fear for the ending. My favorite letter of the alphabet is "L," because it looks cool, especially in cursive; it sounds cool; it's a fairly unused sound in compared to others when you take every language into account; and he's my all time favorite fictional character. I cry a lot, but I don't really mind, since I always feel a lot better afterwards. I have a phobia of talking on the phone for unknown reasons, and I think I may be somewhat OCD. My favorite movie is Dedication, a romance/drama starring Mandy Moore and Billy Crudup, and whenever I'm depressed I just think of my dearest Henry. Similarly, yes, I am in love with a lot of fictional characters. And lastly, the "Saladfingers" videos on Newgrounds make me giggle insanely.

I am also shy and a spazz, if those can be in any way combined. Plus, there is an odd bump on my left leg. Just thought you might like to know.

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