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Comedy is awesome. It's great. But the thing about me is I don't laugh often, and all this laughter gets stored up inside me, and eventually out of no where I'll just start chuckling, then giggling, and pretty soon I'll be down on the crouch, busting a rib and completely out of breath. Maybe I'm insane. Sometimes just one word will trigger my laughter to spill out. I remember one time I kept trying to say this one word, and I couldn't! I'd just start laughing like crazy! I'd calm down, then try to say the word again and start laughing! People always think I'm faking it, but I really can't fake laughter. For me, laughter just strikes out of no where, and HARD. Seriously, I'm not talking a giggle, I'm literally rolling on the floor and gasping for breath! Anyway, comedy is great! Also, I have a tendency to make HUGE sneezes whenever I sneeze. Real shnoz busters. But anyway, time for stories!

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