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A lover of Jesus Christ and a lover of fantasy/sci-fi... which is to say I look for the fantastic in the everyday while I long for and not-so-patiently await heaven, whether through death or through the trumpet blast from the clouds!  With a background in Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars growing up, I've got fantasy ideas in my head that many would think don't coincide with Christianity, but I like to think it's all in how you apply them.  So if I've piqued your curiousity, or if that's the kind of mixture of genre's you've been looking for, check out some of my work and let me know what you think. 

Of course, I like to write the occasional children's story as well and I've also thrown out some fan fiction for Star Wars that was written for the RPG that I used to play a few years back.  (I'm an avid gamer, though mostly retired from RPG's.)  If you're interested in the Star Wars stuff, it's all listed under "Phantom Hunters" as an on-going series.

I've also written some stuff for the Christian RPG, Dragon Raid, which I think may be dead now.  I've always enjoyed the alegory of it, however, and have some stuff for that as well.  Hope you enjoy it all.

NOTE: Life often gets in the way, and I find that I no longer have much time for serious writing.  So most of what is found here is old stuff that I simply archive here now.  However, my greatest completed work is a children's trilogy of books I wrote for my kids way back in the 90's and can be found on the link below as a blog complete with "videos" (their really just audio with a title screen) of the audio drama version that my family and I did for it.  Check it out and leave me some comments there.  Thanks.

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