a 22-year-old femme

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Hello there.

Obviously, I love to write. I mean, otherwise I wouldn't be on here. While I'm on this topic... I have a story that's been in the works since the end of sixth grade. It started out as a fanfic for Kingdom Hearts 2 and, for a long time, that's all it was. Then I started to collaborate with others... and it grew into something amazing, something I love with every fiber of my being. I want to start putting this story up on here, partially to get critique, partially just to put it out there. It isn't a fanfic anymore; it's something I can't even start to explain. I hope that you, whoever you are, get the same enjoyment out of the story as I do.

Moving on, I am... something. I can't find a label for myself. Everyone seems to describe me a bit differently; I can say I'm a no-nonsense person as well as a big talker. So, at the moment, I am something, someone. I love Indie music and movies, popcorn, sushi, chilled Twizzlers, Apples to Apples, any Zelda game, collecting model horses (Yes, I am that weird), and painting.

Thank you very much for reading this.... whoever you are.


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