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"You had it all, you were careless to let it fall, you had it all and I was by yourside powerless......." Linkin Park (Song Powerless)

Hi my name is Jacob. I like writing all kinds of futuristic, love, and action packed stories. I am 14, The first book I wrote was a knock-off of one of my best friends ideas. It wasn't the best (I was 8) but it had it's cool parts and mainly funny parts in it.

I like sports and video games. I love basketball (Go Lakers!) and I'm a huge Left 4 Dead and NBA 2K fan.

Music is a huge inspiration to my writings and everything I do. I pretty much listen to music all the time. As of now my biggest inspiration is Linkin Park and AC/DC.

As of now I have writer's block. So I will be making short peoms. Most of these poems are past songs I have wrote and recorded.

Here is a list of my finished peoms:

-Inspiration http://www.protagonize.com/poem/inspiration-5

-My Desire http://www.protagonize.com/poem/my-desire 


Friends: On this site I don't have many friends but I hope to make some when I read some of my fellow authors works.

ihateCEDA~Is my IRL friend. I've known him since kindergarden and ever since he's been super wierd, funny and AWSOME! Needs to stop killing me in Madden though.....


My Favorites:

Top 5 Bands/Artists:

1. Eminem

2. Kendrick Lamar

3. Hopsin

4. NWA

5. Andre 3000

My Current Top 5 songs:

1. Brainless ~ Eminem

2. Backroom Freestyle ~ Kendrick Lamar

3. The Fiends Are Coming ~ Hopsin

4. Hop is Back ~ Hopsin

5.  Bad Guy ~ Eminem

My Current Top 5 Books:

1. Michael Vey: Rise of the Elgan ~ Michael Vey Series (Highly Recommend reading!)

2. Michael Vey ~ Michael Vey Series

3. A Dog's Life (one of my all-time favorites!!!)

4. A vampires assistant ~ Cirque Da Freak series

5. The Hunger Games ~ Hunger Games Series

My Current Top 5 Movies:

1. I am Legend

2. Grown Ups

3. The Hunger Games

4. The Avengers

5. Bench Warmers

Top 5 Things to Do:

1. Hang with friends

2. Basketball

3. Swim

4. Macbook

5. Soccer

 Wait... There's more!

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Michael Richards  Cosmo Kramer is my IDOL!

P.S Seinfeld is amazing...


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