a 25-year-old funky monkey from Georgia, United States

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Hello! You can call me Fizzy. I am here to spread my writing wings and to get feedback so that I may improve my writing style. My favorite genre would be Sci Fi although I like Sci fantasy (if you can call it that) as well because futuristic space stuff mixed with magic and what not is the bees knees.

I really like stories about mercenaries and people with alter egos. Of course the biggest reason behind my love of alter egos comes from the classic story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. My love of mercenaries however comes from various video games I have played in my childhood with the biggest influences being Armored Core 2 and - ironically- Mercenaries.

In terms of experience writing stories I am a relative newcomer at the moment. I guess my ability to create stories started back when I was a kid. Playing with my green and tan army men toys and coming up with different battle scenarios.

Then after my little sister was born we would play together with our toys and her teddy bears and had this on going story going on with them. Every toy had a name, personality, and purpose. What ever happened during a play session the day before would continue on the next day. Basically, role playing with toys and teddy bears. This went on for years until midway into my freshman year of high school when I finally started to lose interest and she was finally starting to make friends in school.

Even to this day my imagination is still very active. Give me some tape/glue, a shoe box, and some toilet paper rolls and I could easily make my self a makeshift spaceship just like I would back then.

Now and days I come up with stories in my head or daydream about doing things I couldn't do in real life and in the games I play I sometimes come up with back stories for my characters or do a little role playing in games like Skyrim.

After all this time I have finally decided to try and put some stories onto paper.....or digital paper. Back when I was in high school, even though I didn't do too well at first in my English/Literature classes due to procrastination, my teachers would always say that my writing was really good aside from a few spelling and grammar errors plus the occasional incomplete essays.  I have also come up with quite a few OCs of my own that I would like to include in my stories.

Well that is all I can think of to add. Hope you guys enjoy my stuff.

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