a 21-year-old lady from Somewhere in Canada, Canada

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"People like me don't create a normal, sappy happily ever after plot, no. We see the fault in every character and see what could become of them. Whether it is bravery, inspiration or whatever else is out there. We don't follow the norm, we create a new one."

Hello there,

I guess I should explain a few things. First thing's first, my name is not truthfully Fizz Rogers, as you were guessing my parents weren't legendary name generators. Fizz is my camp name. The kids there aren't allowed to know our actual names!

 1. I was diagnosed as a Juvenile Type 1 diabetic when I was ten years old due to genetics, or so they say.

2. I also love, no cut that, I love chocolate, candy and anything that could possibly make me have a sugar high (I don't eat it all the time, usually just Halloween and special occasions).

Here's A Few Facts: - I have a hard time keeping up my motivation. - I love dystopian, romance, sci-fi, basically anything except cliché vampire/ werewolf stories. - I have a love for SuperHero, YuffieProductions is amazing! - I love baking bread and especially cupcakes!

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