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"Oh it'll be so cool. I've never celebrated a holiday with dead people before!"

Hello fellow writers,

My writing style had changed since coming on this website and I think that is down to whatever I was interested in at the time. In my earlier years I wrote supernatural vampires mainly, I still read books similar but more of than older version now.

I love writing in collaboration, the fun of developing not only your character but others, seeing how they write about your own character and keeping a few cards up my sleeve...

I tend to struggle with my own stories however, I intend to finish my two new stories that I am enjoying and writing in a new style.

I want to keep my writing real yet with the odd mystery to keep you on your toes... 

Happy to read anyone's work and would appreciate you reading mine too. Please note that I am not a poem girl but will read if requested. I will always rate and comment to encourage you in your writing.

Thank you.

~         ~           ~

Currently reading- Crossfire series


 A meeting of strangers

*Valentine's Kiss*

Midnight Gaze is having a 're-vamp'--- yes punt intended 

Hiding in the Shadows 

The unknown tail

Collaboration- My writing companion and best friend GardeniasCastle.  

*New* The Liar's Blood - Alex

Brewing Love Marcella

The killer in my bed- Amber - Is currently changing we want to make it better 

Check out GardeniasCastle, I highly recommend The son and anything else that she writes. 



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