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"Movie: I have got a jar of dirt, I have got a jar of dirt! (captain Jack Sparrow) Wanting to change the world, but having no power like me, that sucks. But you, have the power, you could do so much. (Lilly Moscovitz, A Princess Diaries) Its innocence when it amuses us, ignorance when it doesn't. When we let the power of love overcome the love of power, there will be peace in the world. If war is the answer we have asked the wrong question. Joey doesn't share food! You hung up on"

OK I am a wannabe writer. I guess that's what we all are. I am the kind of person who loves great literature and I really want to read all the literature books out there, but somehow I end up reading romance novels most of the time. I read this thing once about how if you were dying you would put down the book you had to read and pick up the one you actually want to read. I do that most of the time. I think I am a pretty good writer, but most of the time I like to write my opinions, I am not so good at fictional writing. (My essays for school, though are amazing.)

Best Books (in no particular order)

Let's get the obvious out of the way: Harry Potter!!!

Pride and Prejudice, (and everything else Jane Austen)

The Host (yes Stephenie Meyer, but this book is actually good)

Jane Eyre

Wuthering Heights

A Little Princess

Ella Enchanted

Stephenie's ponytail (everything Robert Munsch)

Oh the Places you'll go (everything Dr. Seuss)

There's so many more...they just don't come to mind.

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