a woman from near London, United Kingdom

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"After the age of 40 what is considered a virtue, is really, just lack of energy" Cannot remember who wrote that!

Hi everyone, I am Fiona, a bit of an outsider, seems I cant find other people on a similar wave-length, maybe I am leading too much of a sheltered life? But the things that I love are the sky, dont laugh its always changing and full of surprizes....i like to write poetry, have been trying to write a book for several years....I am 45 but about 20 on the inside, forever dream is to have a book published, probably my life story...but have a lot of fears around success, success for me would mean having to continue and I am as changeable as the skies...

I adore people on a very one dimensional level, as they often dissapoint, when I was younger, I was in love with falling in love, now though, I'm just in love with everything, my daughter might pick me a flower, I love that, my partner, who is unfortunately, scottish! might say, "I love you darlin" and I love when he calls me "darlin". Its not often, enough. Its very seldom in fact, but I know that when he calls me it, I' m in his good books!

All of these things are love-ly, to me...a smile from a stranger, a fellow driver, waving me on, giving me right of way, its the small things in life now, that I so appreciate, not the grandiose, not a way, I've become more simple than the complex being I was in my youth, and thats the wonderful thing about getting appreciate, the finer  things, the things that bring true happiness....not the grandiose, certainly not winning the lottery, which would bring one back to all the crappy complexity, this is just what I think, now.

Right Now, its all we have, and for the wise, its all we've ever had!

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