just a female from my house.

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"'Momentai!' - Quoted by a qute little creature!"

Okay well my name... ... ... Hah thought I'd tell you? Well Panda or Fanfy is just fine. I don't shout my name on the internet not even if a gazillion other people share the same first name as me.

Where I a really boring place lol you'd not want to visit me. I mainly stay in my room, which is located in my house. So if you wanted to be technical you could say I live in a house (Which is true).

Things I am into doing. Art, photography, computers, digital art, writing (of course), karate, soccer, reading, and many other things lol.

Uhm. Favorite animal will always be the Giant Panda. I love pandas..a lot.

My icon is in fact made by me. It is my own digital art.

So...why I came to this site. Well I came here because normally I'm use to Well on fictionpress no one likes to comment on my stories, a review is what they call it. It's utterly depressing so it doesn't encourage me to write as much, because I mean I love writing but I've written many many stories and they haven't been read, so I wanted to have some fun and get feedback. You know see how good I actually am at writing itself. So I was told of this site where they actually comment on stories (I am hoping this is true...o.o)

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