just a girl from the falling stars

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"I can't drown my demons They know how to swim."

No one knows just what it means

The demons and angels fight in between

The shoulder blades of a scarred soul

The heart of an innocent the darkness stole.


Well, hello and welcome to my little profile ^_^ not much to say about myself other than the fact that I don't write as much as I should .-. Just kidding xD My identity isn't one of importance, but for general terms, just call me Isa ^_^ I like watching anime, and binging on chocolate (who doesn't?!) :D Most of my stories are just little fantasies of mine, some being of symbolic importance to my life (Like my story; Her Guardian Angel or Distant Love) A lot of the times I end up losing sight of my next move on my story and I tend to take an extended break.... ^^" but one day I'll get back to it :D hopefully....

Anyways, hola y e komo mai ^_^ (I just mixed two languages, so don't get confused) .-. Hope you enjoy :)

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