a git from The cold of Central Alberta xD, Canada

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"“We like to kidnap them in a van, and leave them somewhere dangerous. SURPRISE!” ~ Gerard Way XD “I'm not psycho...I just like psychotic things.” ~ Gerard Way “Actually, I might party a bit. I haven't partied in a long time, ... But we party a little differently than, like, Trick Daddy . We like high-speed Internet and strong coffee.” ~ Gerard Way XD"

Well..I'm Jackee..Not telling you my age yet..when I'm familiar with this site I might though ;D
I'm terribly immature, but mature for my age, I speak like I'm a teacher [as I'm told] and I enjoy writing..durr. XD
I don't necessarily care how I look, hence my pink hair and boy's clothing [I'm a girl, by the way] xD 
Hmm...Well..I don't know what else to say =x
I'm socially awkward, I get forgotten in large groups because I don't talk in them. I'm often the third wheel in groups because of my awkwardness in large groups. I laugh alot when I'm nervous...Hmm..What else?
Oh! I love anime, especially, Sailor Moon, Death Note, D. Gray-Man, Vampire Knight, and Kuro%#%!suji :D
Ask me anything you'd like to know, I guess? xD 




Alot of my writing on DeviantArt is rated M for swearing, except for my few yaoi stories =x 

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