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"Never give up, never surrender!"

I am a fifteen year old home schooled miltary brat living in England:) and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE writing and reading fantasy, mostly christian fantasy:) I have been homeschooled my entire lif, and I am so grateful that God gave me such amazing parents, especially a mom that has the patience to deal with me:) My dad has been in the military all my life, so I have pretty much lived all over the united state, and now in England. I really miss the states, but God has definitely used my time here to bring me closer to him. My writing has definitely blossomed here, and I discovered that I love writing poetry, but writing books is something I have such a passion for! I used to hate reading, and especialy writing, but something happened at about the age of twelve, and from then on I loved reading and writing! My writing is my way of worshiping our lord and savior, and of expressing what no one else could ever understand about my hopes and dreams. When I write I go into another world, a world that I can use to glorify God, and to bring his children closer to him.

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