a babe from Hellmount, CA, United States

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"All things considered, I'm doing fine."

Hey everyone. My name is Faith Lynhart. I'm a student at the Hellmount Academy in Hellmount, California. I'm a wicked amazing slayer and a so-so witch. I've been attending the Academy for about 2 years now. I love it here. Most everyone is awesome, but there are some people that I wish would just up and leave. Just so you know a little more about me, I'm going to state 10 random facts about myself :)

10- I changed my name to Faith.

9-  I can speak Albanian

8- I'm about 5'5

7- I have 7 piercings

6- I have 3 tattoos

5- I am a brunette with brown eyes

4- My best friend's name is Enya

3- I'm an orphan

2- I love being a slayer

1- That is all you need to know about me

**keep in mind- Faith is a FAKE character from the Hellmount Library**

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