a 25-year-old male from Vancouver, Canada

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I am many things such as: a Writer, Artist, Spiritualist, Seer, Activist, Druid, Shaman, Buddhist, Psychologist, Healer, Therian, Pianist, and all more I could possibly choose to be in  life. Either way nothing what I just listed I truly am. I am just a sovereign spirit and a old-soul at that, which is seeking for answers to satisfy my curiosities in life, like all else.

I am much like a reflection, what you come to see in me, you may see a piece of yourself or may even wish to be like me, as I when I look at you I will see a piece of myself and would wish to very much be like you.

I am like that of water; I ebb and flow. What I do may seem so senseless, yet what I do nevertheless has its purposes in contribution. I may appear imperfect in my ways, but beyond all the ripples upon the surface there is always a sense of clarity. And that is perfect.

My interest in books stem from: Paranormal, UFO and extra-terrestrials, Cryptozoology, psychology, spirituality, new age, shamanism, botanicals, occultism, biographies, fictions and non-fictions, Buddhism, magic, philosophy, archeology, astrology, theosophy.

My hobbies include: Going to concerts, Reading, Writing, Painting and various kinds of other Art, Magick, Nature walks, and Communicating with wildlife.

I am a Bush-Dwelling-Fox-Therian-Druidic-Elf-Of-The-Magickal-West  and this creature is a solitary Fox that likes to hide away in its den and cuddle up to its soul-mate. I have a boyfriend of 5 years. My whole life has been a hard struggle; I have endured many struggles, pain, and sorrow. I have met the Devil and through this I have found God. It has made me who I am to-day. A survivor. 

There really is no way to describe my religion. I have studied various religion beliefs mostly Christianity, catholic, Buddhism and even Shamanism which was more at the time considered a SPIRITUAL practice and not  RELIGIOUS only for the fact shamanism was the basic understandment of the universe and natures operation. All of what I know prior to religion and even spiritual knowledge is the motivation of life and the progression to our evolution. I believe that even all forms of expressions and views of philosophies, art and music has a sense of truth. I believe ALL is naturally both "Good" and "Evil" as these are not objective terms.

All in all I am a nomad. A Seer. The Outsider. The Hermit.  I do not conform too well but structure my own world according to my own beliefs that is a blend and yet something far more profound. Magick.

I was born premature and was suppose to die, but I was a "miracle child", I was gifted or cursed to be born with the sight. I have always been sensitive to many things and communicated with spirits. Both good and bad. It wasn't until I was 19 I learnt how to decipher the good from bad. I have received so much visions and was even told by higher beings to where my life will lead and what I was to face. Most have already came to pass. I was a odd child... The paranormal was my only comfort to know I was not "crazy" 

I dont like to boast in pride, for there is nothing to be truly  proud of in this world... We all are seekers of truth and we all endure the sufferings that come along with it. This life is both a blessing and a curse.

My life is not over and I am blessed to find Love. Though I still suffer from the pain of others and this world. I will not feel content until this world is content. Eventually I will be making a very important choice. My life will soon come to an end here in this world. I am waiting for my time, for my decision has been made.

Until then it is but a waiting game. And a mental game.

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