a 22-year-old female from the United Kingdom

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"I'd like to introduce you to my two best friends...Mr Happy, and Mr Angry. Get on the wrong side of Mr Happy, and I'll punch your face, Get on the wrong side of Mr Angry, and I'll punch your face, then re-arrange it!!!! (tis not famous or anything, i just made it up on the spot :D)"

I've been writing since as young as i can remember, always with a slightly dark twist to the stories, and they rarely had a happy ending.

Recently i have started on a story that has been in planning for a long time, and at the same time discovered my talent for late night writing. 

Being an author isn't my main ambition, but i guess that it would be an added bonus in my future. 

Since I was young, i wanted to be a vet, then a doctor, now i'm not sure, possibly a Chemical Engineer.

I enjoy walking and reading, and listen to all sorts of music

My favourite bands are:

  • Lostprophets
  • Nightwish
  • Greenday
  • Bullet For My Valentine
  • Korn
  • Slipknot 
  • and many more :D

I have a really great boyfriend, and base a lot of my characters in stories on people i know.

i've never actually finished a story so far : /

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