a cat from Yorkkkkkk, United Kingdom

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"'There's a girl in the garden' Shaun of the dead."

Merry Meet.

I practiacally live for Emily the Strange, books, writing and my wondeful black cat; Shoe(yes his name is Shoe).

I currently have a really cringe-worthy cut in the bottom of my foot and cannot walk, the hospital didn't even give me crutches even though there was blood dripping on the floor! ----PSFTP(PS for this paragraph): This paragraph will dissapear when I can fully walk again.

I love poetry, so except for my collabs, most of my work is poems.

Collabs(by me):

Stay Alive.

Chauve-Souris Maniere.

Before I start, something I need to get off my chest, eh hem:


I think the above welcoming gives me away.... wiccan.... anyway, I'm a girl, who is planning to take over the days in... ahhh..what was it? Ah, yes two years, nine days and six hours.

Nah, not really, I'm a practicing wiccan witch and I do enjoy a good spot of archery. I love making cakes and when I grow up I want to buy Whitby Abbey and turn it into a tea shop. XD

Crazy things: I once dyed my hair midnight blue. Told every one I have snake-bite peircings when they were really just clip on earings from Clairs. Once asked a boy : "If I asked you out, would you say yes or no?"

Darren Shan kicks ass!

So, yeah im just a really boring person.


PS: If you have a question, a queery or just a random theory send me a email!!!!


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