a 21-year-old hobo from the United Kingdom

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Hello. This is my profile. You are free to view it, i mean, why wouldn't I want you to view it? It could lead to you reading some of my stuff.

I did have a huge long profile about my likes, dislikes, random facts and all that before, but to be honest (I hate that phrase), it was all too much.

So here I am. Read mah stuff, don't read mah stuff, I'm not really bothered. But please, if you do happen to read it, please review or rate or something! Well, I don't know what you would do other than review or rate.. seeing as theres really no other way of telling me what you thought.. other than commenting on here.. Anyway! Yeah, that's me. 16 year old kid that doesn't know what the *BEEP* he's doing.


PS I'm not really a hobo. It just looks cool on my profile.

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