a 25-year-old girl from Canada

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"~live the life you want and not the one others create for the sole purpose of ticking you off....~"

You know, no one ever really knows what to put on these 'Biography' bits... they always seem to just put the same thing, "There isnt much to say in the first place" and thats the case here, there isnt much to say, type whatever.... anyway yeah.


I think this is a cool site though, i forgot i had an account here for a while. then my mom found it again, it was pretty cool. I didnt even know i had something posted on here. lol HAHA! lol anyway yeah lol


Im done now. lol CATCH YOU LATER!!! \/ PEACE! lol (No i am not a tree hugger or a Green Peace finatic--although my mother was back in the day lol)

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