a 24-year-old dudette from a University Cafe, York, United Kingdom

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"I wouldn't dream of working on something that didn't make my gut rumble and my heart want to explode. - Kate Winslet"

I'm a recent undergraduate student in the University of York, UK, in her second year doing Philosophy BA. I've travelled north to university from Wales and although the Northerns are a little less warm and bubbly as the Welsh, they make up for it in humour and fun. I've found my little niche in the world and just have to get used to hibernating in the colder winter months.

I started writing from a young age, but nothing very serious. I had some poetry published whilst I was in school and won a few contests. My ambition to write some more short stories and even novels started just after completing my GCSE's but the workload of A Levels and now university stemmed my creative flow. I have one incomplete story that is far from being finished and when I stumbled upon this website I thought this was my chance to get back to writing again and find the wonder it once held for me.

My other interests away from University include playing the piano and violin, avidly watching movies and reading books, and dabbling in cooking from time to time. (Though the only dessert I've mastered is Brownies and Ice Cream and I fear to venture further!)

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