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"You can't see the world through a mirror." -Avril Levigne

Short description of what I usually write-I write a lot of short stories and currently I have only one novel series on the go and rough plans for several others.

The genre I prefer to write is science fiction and some fantasy.

GreyCrimson the Eternity Chronicles- Is the science fiction series that I'm currently working on. It's going to be five books long, including the prequel.

The first book is about two young girls named Talon and Clay  who escape a lab in the not too distant future. They have both been held captive there for their entire lives and both contain mutant abilities. 

Once they've escaped, they head to the abandoned city of New York where they hope to take refuge. Here they met people who are like them and help them fight against the lab and for freedom.

A little about me

The type of music I listen to is generally hard rock or metal but I do listen to all types.

Currently some of my favorite bands or artists are: Emily Autumn, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Seether. Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, Matalica, Static X and Linkin park.

My favorite books are: Anansy boys, the deep gate trilogy, Harry Potter, The book with no name, the eye of the moon, the vampire Academy series and the gemini series.

My favorite authors include: James Patterson, Dean Koonts and Steven King.

My favorite movie is Repo: the genetic opera.

I like comedy. horror, drama and Anime.

That's pretty much all you need to know for now.



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