a girl from Perth, WA, Australia

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Hello All!

Okay so I have a confession to make right from the top - I'm extremely self concious about my writing and thus will be extremely hesitant to post up chapters/ stories. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to write, but I usually do need a good kick up the rear to post what I've done.

 I live in Perth, Western Australia and have done so for the entire 18 years of my life. I am currently attending university to become a Primary School Teacher, though my true passion is writing. Should confess that I'm also a huge sci-fi & fantasy geek, as my writing will tend to lean in that direction. I've been known to have a dark twisted sense of humour and according to my former lit teacher, it also shows in my writing. Will mainly write prose, but have been forced to write poetry before (curse you literature!). Favourite things to do are to read, dance, hang out with my friends and of course to WRITE!

Always open to feedback- good, bad or otherwise. It helps inspire me to keep writing if I know at least someone is reading my work and I will always accept ways to improve my writing. I know I'm not perfect (Escpecially when it comes to spelling and grammar :P) and therefore won't get mad if someone points out my mistakes.

Will also be more than happy to join up with others to write a story- more the fun when you can't control everything :P

Hope I haven't bore you all- though I most likely have :D

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