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"A person can give without loving, but no one can love without giving."

Hello! I am Engelik!

I have been part of this site for... 3 years? I think that's about right... I love being able to come back and not feel like a total stranger. Everyone is talented, and nice. It's a great place to be :)

As any developing author, I still have a long way to go, but I hope that through this, you could help me improve. It might sound like I'm being serious (maybe I am), but I'm just trying to improve my writing, and hopefully, help others improve their own.

I have many interests, and many strong positions. I stand rooted to the ground when it comes to some things, and to other things, I am a feather at the wind's mercy. Meaning, I am as human as everyone else, and there are things that I might fail on.

Christianity is were I am standing firmly, and I can't be moved, not even by the strongest wind or storm. I am not going to go around criticizing everything that is against my belief though. I won't ignore every story just because it has a different view of life than I do. That's just not fair to anyone.

This is just a little of me, but I thought you should know that about me. I hope that you find whatever I write in the future enjoyable, and that you won't be afraid to correct me about anything.

Other than that, I'm a pretty fun and easy going girl. I might be serious at times, but I can be pretty goofy. Don't be afraid to talk to me about anything! Well... almost anything :P


I haven't written in any of these in a long time, so they're all pretty much dead regardless of the bold or underlining. I'll get back to it eventually though! Promise!

Underlined - writters block

Italized - Dead for now... Dormant? A coma?

UI - dead, and hard to revive...

Beginning or End - I originally planned it to be a one-shot, but some people seem to really like it, so I kept it going. Currently I'm in the middle of writers block on that one, so I'll put it off for a little bit. I really would like encouragement though, because I'm writing it for you guys and not myself :)

Life of a Teenage Mermaid Princess - Just thought it up not so long ago. It's about my RP character in the group Young Writers. Her name is Oceane. A mermaid princess sent to land to look for a husband, but will she ever find one in this kind world? It's not really action filled at the moment, but it will pick up!

Supernatural Desire - Currently working on it with five other authors. Really cool story, so check it out!

A Dozen Heart Breaks - The idea was nagging at me all night, so I decided to post it up.

 3009: Elydian Chronicles - Collaboration with a group of awesome people! Inter-galactic war between humans and and alien race who resemble elves called Elydians.



I have been very busy lately, and I'm sorry. The thing is, I will probably will stay this busy for a while, so please bear with me! I will try to update stories as soon as possible.

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