a 21-year-old chap from My house, United States

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"Ours is not to reason why, Ours is but to do and die" Alfred Lord Tennyson "Let life flash before your eyes, For that is what it is like to die" Myself "Qouth the raven "Nevermore!"" Edgar Allen Poe

Hello, my name is Nat, but you can call me N. Or just not say anything to me as well, that's cool.


I came to protagonize, 2 years ago I think (at the moment of this posting) to write a story, haven't touched it since.


I came back at the end of December to post another one that had been driving me insane/bonkers. I wanted to see what everyone felt of my story. I'm hoping that the first comment/rating will set a trend but I can't be too hopeful. I'm hoping that, if it gets enough good ratings, I'll hand this in to the graduation commitee in 2 years as my Graduation Project. I'll most likely have a few more stories to post within coming years, but for now all mentions refer to TimeWalkers.

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