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"Sniff Sniff since 1990"

Hello random stalker viewing my profile

You don't know nothing about me, so here:

I'm 15. Taken,
I'm a HUGE creepypasta fan, especially for Eyeless Jack.
I have some OC'S that you can find
My alt is Aliwera

I'm gothic, mixed with Emo.

I really love BxB, Yanderes, Horrors, Ghost stories and more
creepy stuff. I might seem intimidating at first, or a little
too hyper, but I'm a shy person deep down and I live with a
mask on my face everyday to keep my friends happy.
I have anxiety, I'm socially awkward and I will always blush hard
over the smallest of things, like tripping over slightly, and no
one still noticing.


Favorite Bands/Music Groups:
Daft Punk, Black eyed peas, P!NK,
Bullet for my Valentine, Linken park,
and, Avril Lavigne

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