a 22-year-old girl from Baltimore, United States

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Many salutations friend :)

My name is Emily Rose (Rose being my middle name), but you can call me Emmy or Em or in some cases, Meeli. Whatever you prefer.

A vent on my views of writing:

Writing is a compulsion. Well, not so much for me at least. In much honesty I'd much rather doodle a tree than write a 200 word description of some city I've never visited. In other words, writing was all once an absent minded blur to me; a task that forcively had to be done. Then I took a creative writing class in school which opened my eyes to the world of the pen. If writing was once a strain for you then I can completly relate were you come from. I've been down that road before.If your struggling now, then you might not have found your knack just yet, and that's perfectly alright. Continue reading and see what inspires you. I believe that anyone can tame the writing monster (no matter how elusive it might seem at times). If you have a mind with thoughts and feelings, then you can write. It's all a matter of harnessing those thoughts and feelings into sometimg you're proud of. All that anger, happiness, heartache or whatever else lurks in the chambers your mind, can turn into the works of the next Emily Dickinson. You might even surprise yourself. I've found that some people are more of a poetry type person, while others are more adept to prose.We alll have to ability to become great writers. Keep typing my friends :)

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