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"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future."

Shards is my baby and I hope I see it through to the end, which would be my first completed novel ever. I have done about 1 entire month planning for it and I really hope that I can get readers who will bug me for new chapters and stick with it (and me) until I reach the goal of 100 K. I also planned for it to have a sequel called Fragments but that cannot happen until the end of Shards is in sight. I hope....hope to finish Shards by the time I leave college in 2015 so that I can have more time dedicated to editing and hopefully publishing it. I want to be an actress more then a writer but having my own book for sale in bookshops would be cool as well. I have had a lot of inspiration to keep my going with Shards and my family know to leave me when I am in my writing zone as they know how passionate I am about Nieve and her story as well as my wish to fully write my own book.

I have been writing since about....I don't know to be honest but I do know that I mainly wrote fantasy stories about unicorns and talking dogs that save the world. (My love for Unicorns was the inspiration for Aracardia). I wrote children's stories but they developed into the Science - Fiction I write now, even though I rarely read any science-fiction, novels, I feel that Shards and it's hopeful proceeder Fragments fit into that category.

I would really love any sort of comments on Shards even if they just tell me to keep going because you enjoyed what I have so far as that will help me focus on finishing it.... for you and for myself.

Thank you for reading this if you have :)

Writing means a lot to me and it helps me to express how I am feeling through my characters.

<3 Stay Strong <3

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