a 21-year-old female from Hull, United Kingdom

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"“The one thing in me more powerful than a general misanthropy is an inescapable compassion for individuals.” - Jasper Sole"

Just your average nineteen year old girl on the outside, if a little more geeky than is considered standard regarding videogames and fan-bases. On the inside I hold a flicker of creativity.

My usual inspiration to write is fuelled by my inescapable need to express myself; being a bit of a misanthrope, I find comfort in picking fault with humanity; being opinionated, I like to explore deep into my own thought processes; being sourly contemplative, I like to be sarcastic; being pessimistic, I like the reality of a half-empty glass; being creative, I use these as tools for my writing.

Aside from my enjoyment in banter, I am in fact a friendly person to those who deserve my respect, so please don't be put off by some of my darker work, and feel free to talk to me :)

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