an 18-year-old chica from Vancouver, Canada

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What could I possibly say about myself that wouldn't bore you....? Well.... First off, I love to write (Duh, or i Would not be on Protagnoize in the first place.)

Also, I love horseback riding. i start on Saturday (April 2nd).

What else is there to say??? Oh! I hate cold weather and rain, I'm a sunshine girl. And purple majestic flying pickled unicorns are my fave animal E-V-E-R!


I love Photography, mainly of Nature. And I also enjoy Architecture. (No Cathedrals (if thats how you spell it. Probably not :P) But mainly Ancient Greek stuff.

I tend to talk back a smidge to my teachers, but rarely. Most of the time I am somewhat positive but I am always, always, always happy.

Thats pretty much all i can think of, but now i gotta go to school! Buh-Bye!

ALSO! the horse's name is Josie . XD from the pic

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